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Klaus Wildenhahn (DE 1968, 16mm, 51')

Een gecondenseerd portret van een kerstnacht eind jaren ‘60 in een havenkroeg van St Pauli, Hamburg.

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Cannes 2012



Prizes have just been announced in Cannes. For the second time in his career (and for the second time in three years) Haneke wins the Palme d'Or. My anticipation goes out to audience divider Post Tenebras Lux by Carlos Reygadas, who picked up the Award for Best Director. In the meantime have a look at his segment of the portmanteau film Revoluciòn (2010), in which 10 Mexican directors give their view on the legacy of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920:




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'Wiener Aktionismus' LLS 387/Luke Fowler

LLS 387





















LLS 387, an art space run by Ulrike Lindmayr, is currently showing pictures, books, videos and facsimiles chronicling the heydays of the notorious Viennese Actionists.

On June 16th at 16.00 two films based on concepts by Otto Muehl - Inferno ('83) and Back to Fucking Cambridge ('87)will be shown in the presence of director Terese Schulmeister.

Also delving into the field of experimental psychology is Luke Fowler's first feature length film All Divided Selves ('11), exploring the life and work of Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, once dubbed 'the acid marxist, elaborating on the same subject of his short You See Is Where You're At ('01).

Fowler just got nominated for The Turner Prize 2012.

In this older interview Fowler talks about films that influenced his practice.


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